Moshi monsters

26 07 2012

Moshi monsters is an online virtual game where you can create your own pet monster. You can choose out of a Poppet,Furi,Luvli, Diavlo, Katzuma and a Zommer. I chose a Poppet. You can tickle your monster by clicking on it and it says what it wants and my favourate  is when it says your the best owner in the world!

You can buy stuff like food and clothes for your monster,items for your room and a lot more. But I think one of the best things on Moshi monsters is getting moshlings. Moshlings are pets for your monster. To get them  you will need to do is go to the seed cart.For that go out into the garden and click on the arrow to go to the seed cart. Buy three seeds. The seeds are love berries,star blossems,dragon fruit and magic beans and finally a moon orchid. Only if you plant THREE seeds will you get a moshling.

Plant them in the soil wait for one day and they will grow but also there is another way.The happier your monster the faster the seeds grow- that is a tip! One thing you should remember is that only moshi members are allowed to get more than two moshlings.  If your not,  you can still get two moshlings.

If you don’t get a moshling the cluecoo bird on your right will give you hints or tips to get a moshling.  I’ll give you a seed code you have to plant three star blossems and you will get a snookums. it’s a baby dino and it’s one of the cutest moshlings!

There are ULTRA RARE moshlings too.For example oddie the doughnut moshling and the  most rarest moshling of all!

Moshi monsters is a very fun game and one of my favourite ones to I hope all of you enjoy it !!!

Anna Soney (8 yrs)


23 07 2012

Its that time of year again! School is out and the Holidays have begun. Holidays can be enjoyable and fun filled days of joy, but they can also be highly stressful at times (especially for the parents)!

Parents may need to sort out childcare, try to ensure their kids are happy, find enough activities to keep them occupied and contend with the oft used refrain of ‘I’m booooored’.

Yes, we’ve all been there. So whilst organising family days out and other activities we also need to cater for those days at home. I’m sure Nintendo’s and Wii’s and other computer games offer some solace but to be honest I hate my kids spending more than an hour or two on them in a day. Holidays need not be that time of year when the brain goes into hibernation only to wake up with the next school year  — so here are some suggestions and useful links that offer a bit of intellectual stimulation during the hols!

Suggestion 1. Get your kids to draw up a rough schedule of stuff they would like to do during the day and how much time they’d like to spend on each. Then sit with them and discuss the schedule and add tweaks and turns if need be. The aim is to set a timetable of sorts, with reasonable boundaries, that both parties are aware of  – one which suits your lifestyle! Ensure that there’s  a bit of study time incorporated in the schedule of at least one or two hours.

Point to remember–there is no right and wrong, try to keep the kids on board with whatever timetable you finally draw up. If there are major discrepancies with what they want and what you would like then explain your reasons and get them on board.

Suggestion 2.  Study need not be boring. Asking lil kids help you measure up for baking a cake is an example of work based learning–they enjoy it as well as learn about units and measures.  Incorporate learning into the different activities for the day. Hopefully at least one parent can do a life skill activity every day with the kids that has an element of  learning incorporated.

Suggestion 3. Kids just love using tech and are at times much better than we are. In this day and age its important that they learn how to find the information they need and how to use the internet responsibly. There are several educational websites that children absolutely enjoy. I’m just going to mention 3 of my favourite ones. When I say my favourite it actually means my kids fave ones.

The first one is called educationcity and follows the UK curriculum.Its fun, colourful and teaches in a play based fashion. Havent heard of a kid who doesn’t love it! It allows you an initial free trial usually so you can get a good taste of what’s on offer. Alternatively it helps engage the kids during the summer for free!

The second one I’ve found useful is Studyladder.  Again this has some free activities and some that you have to pay for but its an excellent resource. They have a great few activities themed to the Olympics which I’m sure any kid will enjoy–here’s the link to try them out-

Last but not the least is a truly great website called Khan Academy. Its a great venture started off by a great guy. The end result is that Khan Academy offers a veritable storehouse of resources available to all an sundry for…. you guessed it… for free! This is what they say about themselves

“A free world-class education for anyone anywhere.”

It has video lessons for many things under the sun but the bit that my kids enjoy the most is their mathematics program. Its an online, real time experience of  doing maths and getting rewarded for it. They progress through stages into more difficult activities depending on how well they are getting on. Here’s the link –

I’m sure these websites will keep your kids more than happy during these holidays and for many days after and also keep you safe in the knowledge that they are challenging their grey cells a fair bit whilst having fun!